Jumat, 09 Agustus 2019

Loker Kalimantan PT Darma Henwa,Tbk


PT Darma Henwa,Tbk has executed a wide range of mining projects from reputable clients with an impressive result and quality, which then led the company to be known as a renowned mining services provider in Indonesia.

(Code : HCM_Name)
Job Scope:
Manage, monitor, evaluate and follow up on agreements and / or contracts relating to strategic contracts including oversight of the Company's revenue policies. Plan, prepare / arrange, monitor, evaluate and control agreements and / or contracts relating to the Company's business processes and understand coordination and implementation. Become a communicator and strategic thinker to develop plans that are in line with business targets to ensure the availability of agreements / contracts according to a predetermined budget to support the effectiveness and efficiency of project operations and support the smooth billing and payment process.

•  Bachelor Degree from Mining Engineering / Finance / Accounting / Business Law.
•  Have minimum 7 years experience in the same field, with minimum 2 years as Head of Contract.
•  Have managerial and leadership abilities.
•  Have a good work attitude and social attitude.
•  Have an understanding related to the mining business process.
•  Have an understanding of the HSE procedure.
•  Has the ability to analyze and evaluate contract agreements (contract management).
•  Having knowledge and ability in managing regulations in order to meet compliance with government regulations (regulatory).
•  Having the ability to evaluate the contract in case of irregularities (default) and execute so that the contract can run properly (strategic contract).
•  Having the knowledge and ability to perform contract analysis related to financial (financial analysis).
•  Having knowledge in the field of investment that can increase the value of Company assets (assets).
•  Have certificates of: Feasibility of mining investment, mining business management strategies, mining services planning.
•  Willing to be placed at all company site (Kalimantan Area).

(Code : MOS_Name)
Job Scope:
Regulate, supervise and report all mining activities and overburden transportation and maintain the cleanliness of the work environment within the scope of supervision based on instructions, mine plan and design made by the engineer to achieve work targets per shift and supports mining operation.

•  Preferably Diploma or Bachelor degree from Mining Engineering. High School accepted with 12 years of experience in related field.
•  Has work experience min 3 years as supervisor in mining industry.
•  Has POP (Pengawas Operational Pratama) certification.
• Able to work with deadlines.
• Good communicator and thorough at work.
• Understand mining process and HSE procedure used in mining area.
• Familiar with heavy equipment used in mining area.
•  Willing to be placed in PT Darma Henwa, Tbk site area (Kalimantan Area).

(Code : CMP_Name)
Overview :
Drafting contracts, reviewing, controlling contract implementation, advise and early warning to users, prepare and monitor special project implementation and prepare progress report through effective coordination with Finance Division and Legal Division to ensure the availability of mutually beneficial agreement / contract and budget which has been determined in support of the effectiveness and efficiency of operational as well as support for the billing and payment process.

Job Description :
•  Conduct a new contracting process and contract renewal for all activities in project with commercial aspects, financial aspects, aspects technical and legal aspects.
•  Reviewing the existing contract at project.
•  Negotiate with regard to contract content, prepare and monitor the implementation of special projects with the customer / client.
•  Controlling the execution of the contract includes fuel consumable, parts and backcharge.
•  Making of progress report claim above the main activities of mining to the customer / client.

Qualification :
•  Bachelor degree from Mining Engineering.
•  Has work experience min 3 years in the same field.
•  Has FINON certification is preferred.
•  Understand legal & contract process, basic finance knowledge, and HSE procedures.
•  Willing to be placed in PT Darma Henwa, Tbk site area (Kalimantan Area).

If you interested to fill these positions, please send your CV to :
recruitment@ptdh.co.id with the subject as proposed position before 15th August 2019

Please be aware of certain frauds or misinformation regarding recruitment advertising on behalf of PT Darma Henwa, Tbk. We never ask for any payments whatsoever from applicants or candidates during the recruitment process. We never ask applicants or candidates to use specific travel agent services to make arrangements for transportation and accommodation during the process.